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1 x 4 one object / four stories

1 x 4 : one object / four stories

23 July – 12 Nov 2022

Museums use objects to tell stories – but which story and from whose perspective?

Curators research and record the stories associated with objects acquired for Museum collections. These ‘object biographies’ can grow over time as new information or perspectives are brought to light.

But which stories get told in exhibitions? Traditionally, Museum curators decide how objects are interpreted but in our new exhibition   1 x 4  this time it is over to you!

Each object has four stories to tell – which are you drawn to?

Additional digital content is accessible through QR codes. Scan the codes to discover more about your favourite object.


This exhibition is based on the ‘1 x 4’ exhibition developed by Newcastle Museum in 2020, with their full permission.

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