Our ‘History on the Move’ trailer will visit your school and give students an interactive experience of technologies, games and activities that reveal the past to students in a hands-on and age appropriate way. These activities are designed to complement the primary school curriculum.

We currently offer programs based on the Kuranda Railway, Gold in Far North Queensland, Changing Technologies, including toys and games.

The program is led by the Museum’s qualified Schools Coordinator and delivered by a team of trained and enthusiastic volunteers, all with Blue Cards.

The cost is $4.50 per child, with a minimum charge of $100 (incl GST). 

History on the Move is supported by Ports North and Meteor


Visiting the Museum costs $7 per Primary School students and $10 per High School student.

Visiting student groups POA. Bookings are required for groups of 7 students or more.

Schools and International education providers who do not have
credit approval with the Cairns Museum can pay or cash or credit card on the day. A PO or voucher from a Cairns school is also acceptable.

If you have any queries or would like to seek credit authorisation, please contact us.