Accessibility at Cairns Museum

At Cairns Museum, we are committed to providing an inclusive and accessible experience for all visitors. The information below outlines our current and future efforts to ensure the museum is a welcoming and accessible space for everyone.

We have put in place a variety of physical accessibility and web accessibility features to maximise your experience, and endeavour to continue improvements where required. If you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, please contact us.

Service dogs

We welcome service dogs. In the interest of a safe and healthy visit for all guests and the protection of our historical exhibits and collections, we ask you leave all other animals at home.

Purchasing tickets

To avoid any possible delays, tickets can be purchased online prior to your visit. When cruise ships are visiting, we may experience minor delays in processing guests. Purchase your ticket online here.

Sensory friendly

We offer a range of spaces that can be suitable for those with sensory particularities. As a small but mighty museum, we are not often overrun with guests; however, if cruise ships are visiting, it can become overwhelming. For up to date guidance on when to best visit to accommodate sensory sensitivities, please call us on +61 (07) 4051 5582.

Companion cards

We recognise the Queensland Government’s Companion Card program which entitles the companion of a card holder to free entry. Please ensure you have your valid Queensland Government issued Companion Card with you.

A man in a wheelchair and a woman on a mobility scooter in exhibit area of the Cairns Museum.
Physical accessibility


We are located on the ground level of the Arts Building, and are fitted with entrances, exits and doorways that are suitable for a range of accessibility aiding devices.

Moving around

The museum is equipped with an elevator to allow access to all levels and exhibits, with open spaces for ease of movement, and clear signage for navigation throughout the building.


We are fitted with accessible restrooms that are located on the ground floor. Doorways are also accessible via a range of modes to suit all abilities. 


Many of our exhibits offer audio information for those that bring their own headphones. Our wonderful volunteers also embark on guided tours, sharing their insight with visitors. There are also opportunities for hands on interactions with tactile elements. See what exhibitions and events are on right now at the Cairns Museum.


The Cairns Museum adheres to the Disability Discrimination Act, and has actively sought to make the museum a safe and functional space for all to enjoy.

A woman outside on a mobility scooter at the entryway of the Cairns Museum.
A man with a cane in elevator doorway with a digital floor indicator and signage in the background.
Web Accessibility

Current features and functions

We continue to improve our digital experience for all visitors, and strive to accurately share information to everyone. As we progress throughout the website, we are updating old content to align with our current processes that implement a range of accessibility features. 

This includes but is not limited to:

  • alternative text for images
  • effective keyboard navigation
  • screen reader compatibility
  • distinct contrast of text
  • descriptive links and buttons
  • halt use of text/graphic only images


Our website utilises the accessibility plugin Userway, to aid as we transition our content to become accessible to everyone. Userway allows you to alter contrast, saturation, text size, font, media play functions, and a range of other accessibility features directly on the website page. It displays in the middle right of your screen, and its placement can be amended or hidden entirely if unsuitable to your needs.


The Cairns Museum is actively working to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.2, Level AA criteria (WCAG 2.2).

A man in a wheelchair exiting an elevator at the Cairns Museum.
A woman sitting on the museum verandah posing for a photo with mobility scooter in the background.
Feedback and support

We welcome all feedback from those in our community who may have insight or would like to share their thoughts on how we can better accessibility at the Cairns Museum. 

Please also reach out if you’d like to share how our facilities have impacted your experience, or show your support for our ongoing improvements.

Contact us:
PO Box 319 Cairns 4870
+61 (07) 4051 5582

Visit us:
Corner of Lake and Shields Street, Cairns
Open Monday – Saturday
10am – 4pm

A woman on a mobility scooter reading a sign showing Hearing Aid Induction Loop and Braille text.
A man with a walking stick holding railing while going down stairs.