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3 March – 17 June 2023

What are the most significant memories about growing up in the tropics? How do they differ from growing up in other places.

The Cairns Museum presents recollections of childhood through photographs, artefacts, drawings, and smells that characterise the uniqueness of tropical landscape and climate with its beauty and challenges.

Cyclone damage to Port Douglas, 1911.

We sourced the exhibited items from the in-house collection of the museum. It reflects our commitment to preserving the history and memories of the Far North Queensland for the future generations. 

Cairns Museum is all about the local community. It has been established for the community. The stories we tell are a legacy to ensure a better way of life for future generations” – Clive Skarott, President of Cairns Historical Society and Museum.

Machans Beach School Children with School bus before Machans Beach school built, c1949. Donor: Jack Walsh

The exhibition was put together by the museum’s staff and volunteers. It brings together four categories of children’s lives — playing, learning, getting around, and resilience — salient themes showcasing items from our tropical museum collection. We invite you to reflect on your own childhood and connect with the past.

Two vintage cars, Black Downs homestaead, 1925. Donor: Clive Skarott

I remember my childhood as one great adventure, exploring the swamps and bushland close to the city” – Alan Hudson, 2010, Saturday June 26, The Weekend Post.

I went to Gordonvale State Rural School … we walked three miles to school into Gordonvale and three miles home every day. Girls learnt to cook and sew and the boys learnt carpentry, woodwork and leatherwork” – Ethel Galletta, 1999: 85, No Place for Snapdragons. Memories of Cairns.

 Children in their boat off the Cairns Esplanade, S A Doblo, 1928. Donor: Wilson/Beddoe Family

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