Hire a trunk of interesting objects and artefacts to use in your classroom for students to
interact with and learn about the old days.

Trunk 1 - Life Before Electricity

Electricity first came to Cairns in 1925, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that electric stoves, fridges and washing machines were common in people’s homes.

$50.00 per two week hire

Trunk 2 - Kuranda Rail

Have you ever seen Dog Spikes and
Turtle Backs from Kuranda Rail?
How life was for the people working
there in the very early days?

$50.00 per two week hire

Trunk 3 - Changing Technology - Phones

We hope you are interested in the
telephones we have selected. They
are certainly very different to the ones we use today.

$50.00 per two week hire

Trunk 4 - School - Classroom Items

Items in your school bag nowadays are different from the old time. Can you imagine having a blackboard in your school bag too?
$50.00 per two week hire

Trunk 5 - Yidinji Cultural Kit

This kit has been developed by MINJIL.
In this cultural kit we share with you
about Yidinji culture, their traditions and
their language.
$50.00 per two week hire